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Because conducting guest interviews on your podcast can dramatically increase the awareness and engagement the success of your podcast!


You have a podcast... 

or thinking of starting one because you have a message to share and a service offer. Since you are a podcaster with a purpose that you put your time and effort into, it's important that you know how to grow your audience and gain visibility quickly. One sure way  to do so is conducting top-notch guest interviews!

Guest interviews can:

✔︎establish your credibility as the go to person in your niche

✔︎gain new listeners who are loyal and loving the stuff you put out

✔︎connects you with other like-minded entrepreneurs because you know the power of the right collaborations

✔︎dramatically grow your audience


Good news! I created a system for you to do just that: increase engagement, visibility, and connection by conducting top-notch guest interviews! 

Excel At Interviews

Excel At Interviews is a premium online course created for podcasters who are ready to increase engagement, visibility, and connection by conducting top-notch guest interviews that grow their audience

Get Ready to Level Up!

How It Works

Immediately after enrollment, you get unlimited access to all 5 course modules with multiple video lessons, bonus material, and course enhancements such as worksheets, guides, and cheat sheets - for life. This course is self-paced so you can dive in on your time, as often as you'd like.

The Course

You will get a 5 module on-line course which include videos, worksheets & guides. You'll learn a step-by-step system which you can implement in real-time.


What's cake without the icing? Excel at Interviews also include bonuses such as e-mail copy to land guests, video tech tutorials, and 25 Ideas to Go Live guide.  


You'll get a chance to have a one-on-one coaching call with me so that I can answer questions and provide you with even more support.

“Working with Monique has been an absolute pleasure. I appreciate her level of professionalism along with her preparedness and approachability.”

- Angelae Alexander, CEO
Astound by Angelae

Let’s break this down!

Excel At Interviews is comprised of 5 video course modules with multiple lessons in each module. Take a look at what you get in each module:

Module 1 - A Solid Foundation

This is where it all begins. We lay a solid foundation then build upon it for guest interview success. In this module you will: 

Discover more about what your audience wants

How to engage your audience with your interviews before you air them

Learn the foundational elements of top-notch media interviews


Module 2 – The Interviewee

Prepping and connecting with your guest is vital for the success of your interview. A guest who is at ease is more likely to be open and talkative!

Learn the mindset and mission of your guest

What you must do to prepare your guest (before the interview even starts) 

How to find and land guests for your show


Module 3 – Organizing Your Interview

Dive into the 4-step process for crafting your interviews from start to finish.

Download your 14 page workbook to craft & conduct your interviews

How to craft questions that keep your interviews interesting

How to 'sequence' and 'segment' your interview "road map" in this module!


Module 4  - Conducting Your Interview

Game time! What you need to know and do before you press record.

Practice the art of listening and put your skills to the test!

How to make sure you are really getting your questions answered 

How to probe your interviewee with questions off the cuff and stay on track!

How to troubleshoot like a pro if your interview takes an unexpected turn!


Module 5  - Grow Your Audience

Let's get the word out (in more ways than one) and leverage the most out of your interview:

Marketing strategies the pro's do with their interviews

Different ways to utilize Social Media to promote your interview

Using live video to maximize audience growth

 But wait, there is more...

When you join Excel At Interviews, you will also have access to bonus material that will give you even more of an edge with your podcast interviews!


Four core bonuses are automatically included. When you pay in full, receive an additional bonus.

Bonus #1 - 25 Ideas for Live Video

No more wondering and worrying over what to go “live” about. I'll give you 25 ideas from the jump. ($99 value)


Bonus #2 – Email “Swipe” Files

Wondering what to say to your potential guests to get them on your show? No worries. I have email swipe files that you can literally use word-for-word to land your next guests. Copy my e-mails or add your own flavor; either way, it’s yours for the taking. ($149 value)


Bonus # 3 – Tech & Tools Bundle

Questions about tech? Well I have answers! I’ll outline the basic equipment, software, and tools in a bundle resource guide to assist you in conducting your interviews. ($299 value)


Bonus #4  - Personal Coaching Session

When you choose the pay-in-full option, you get a one-on-one session with me. I'll do an interview review, provide feedback, and set up a personalized plan with you to help you perfect your skills, attract more listeners and gain more visibility. ($350 value) 


Here is What You Get When You Enroll Today

The Course

($1,997 value)
You get unlimited access to all 5 course module videos with multiple lessons 

The Bonuses

($1,044 Value)
You get unlimited access to all bonus materials, guides, & tech library

The Community

($497 Value)
You'll get unlimited access to a private on-line group just for Excel At Interviews members. 

The Coaching

($350+ value)
Pay in full and get a 60 minute one-on-one personal session with Monique Shurray.

The total value of this course is $3,438 but you get access to everything for just $497.00

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has placed a new financial burden on some. Because of this, Excel At Interviews online course is temporarily reduced to $197. You get the same course. The same support, at a lower price. Take advantage of this deal before it ends. There are no refunds with this offer.

Includes a money back guarantee and life time access to updates & new features, all for a fraction of the value!

Coronavirus Limited Time Offer


✔️Includes 5-Module Course

✔️Includes life-time access and all updates ($2,394)

✔️Includes immediate access to bonuses ($1,044)

✔️60 minute one-on-one session

I'm Ready To Join!!

Payment Plan Option



✔️Includes 5-Module Course

✔️Includes life-time access and all updates ($2,394)

✔️Includes immediate access to bonuses ($1,044)

Let's Do This!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you join Excel At Interviews, go through all of the core modules, complete and provide copies of your completed worksheet assignments and if you would like to request a refund within 30 days of purchase, e-mail us with your completed assignments and we will issue you a refund. My team and I stand behind Excel At Interviews 100%.

What People Are Saying

 "Monique Shurray displays professionalism whenever called to host an event or interview a client.  She is always prepared and went above what was asked of her!"

CEO, WendyElle Productions

"Working with Monique is truly a blessing. She's very down-to-earth and a one of a kind person. It's not an interview it's truly a conversation. She knows her stuff!"

Carrington Lopez,
Christian Comedian

 "Giving Hope & Help was honored to have Monique Shurray emcee the 1st Annual Education is Your Passport Scholarship awards program. She is very eloquent, live, and entertaining"

Jessica McClellan,
Founder, Giving Hope & Help

Hey, I'm Monique Shurray!

I'm an Entertainment Journalist, Media Personality & Coach who has a passion for genuinely connecting with people. My Dad was a very popular radio DJ & voice over actor for many years so I definitely have broadcast Media in my blood, coupled with a BA in Mass Communication and over 15 years of real life experience in Media.

Here's what I believe about you:
I believe you have a voice and a message to share with others in your own unique way. Whether you are a business owner or a passion led entrepreneur, you can influence and impact culture just the way you are. 

Excel At Interviews will teach you how to conduct top-notch interviews that grow your audience so that you can make an even bigger impact with your podcast. Are you ready to level up?!

I invite you to join Excel At Interviews and I am looking forward to your success!

You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers!

There are 5 modules, so if you implement 1 module a week, you can complete the course within 6-7 weeks. 

A computer and a can-do attitude!

Once you enroll, you will have life time access to the course.

The tech stuff is addressed in your bonus material! 

You will have access to our members-only Facebook group. There is where you will ask questions about anything related to the course content. Any admin questions? E-mail [email protected]

Whaaat?! Not like the course??? Chile pa-lease! LOL. While I don't suspect this will be the case, if you discover this course isn't for you, e-mail us at [email protected] within 30 days of purchase and include the completed worksheets from the 5 core modules and we will fully refund your money. 

Includes a money back guarantee and life time access to updates & new features, all for a fraction of the value!

Coronavirus Limited Time Offer


✔️Includes 5-Module Course

✔️Includes life-time access and all updates ($2,394)

✔️Includes immediate access to bonuses ($1,044)

✔️60 minute one-on-one session

I'm Ready To Join!!

Payment Plan Option



✔️Includes 5-Module Course

✔️Includes life-time access and all updates ($2,394)

✔️Includes immediate access to bonuses ($1,044)

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