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Hi I’m Monique Shurray. 

I am an Entertainment Journalist and Media Personality.

I help podcasters and other media personalities advance their knowledge and skill set so that they can grow their audience and make a bigger impact on their platform.

With over 15 years of real life experience in Media (television & radio production, on-air talent and of course - media interviews), I’ve been able to merge my love of music, passion for media, and heart for ministry, into one fulfilling profession. Now, I’m continuing this mission by helping others succeed. I invite you to join me.



Whether you are in need of an emcee or media personality,
or if you’ve decided to take your media interviewing skills to the next level,
I’ve got what you are looking for.

How can I help you?


Work with me to get your message to your audience by allowing me to interview you about your business, service, or event.

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Interested in gaining more skill as a media personality? Check out our products and course offerings

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Preparing for an important event and need an emcee? Let’s connect to see if I can be of service at your event.

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"Here is the truth: the on-line world is spilling over with those who’ve decided to just start a podcast or do a livestream show. I help the ones that want to grow in their expertise. The ones that want to be excellent and not just average. "

- Monique Shurray

"Giving Hope & Help was honored to have Monique Shurray emcee the 1st Annual Education is your Passport Scholarship Awards program. She was very eloquent, live and entertaining."

Jessica McClellan
Founder, Giving Hope & Help 
Photo credit: Anthem Photography


“Working with Monique has been an absolute pleasure. I appreciate her level of professionalism along with her preparedness and approachability.”

Angelae Jones
CEO, Astound by Angelae

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