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"As an entrepreneur, you have a voice and a message. I believe you can develop the skills to flourish on any Media platform."

- Monique Shurray

"Giving Hope & Help was honored to have Monique Shurray emcee the 1st Annual Education is your Passport Scholarship Awards program. She was very eloquent, live and entertaining."

Jessica McClellan
Founder, Giving Hope & Help 
Photo credit: Anthem Photography


“Working with Monique has been an absolute pleasure. I appreciate her level of professionalism along with her preparedness and approachability.”

Angelae Jones
CEO, Astound by Angelae

Get Ready to Create Quality Video Content!

Grab my resource guide of 15 tools to create quality video content (even if you're on a budget!). This free resource gives you the tools to help you get started NOW!


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(even if you're on a budget!)