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Monique Shurray is a Media Coach, Speaker and Author who brings warmth and radiant energy whenever she is in the room. Taking after her father who was a notable radio personality, Monique spent over 15 years as a Media Personality hosting live on-air for radio and television productions. She’s worked as a red carpet correspondent for national award shows and has interviewed a plethora of celebrities and entrepreneurs. In 2022 she was named ‘Best Host’ finalist for the Kansas City’s People’s Choice Awards.


As a Media Coach, Monique empowers entrepreneurs overcome their fear of being on camera so that they can make a greater impact in the world. She’s coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, be it through live workshops or one-on-one sessions, with confidence on camera training and/or her signature Media R.E.A.D.Y. accelerator.


Having to be courageous on many occasions throughout her life, Monique loves inspiring entrepreneurs do the same - on camera and beyond. 


In her spare time, Monique enjoys singing, roller skating, devouring a good Jamaican dish, and taking on new travel adventures with her husband.


Everyone has a story. Here is mine. 

This Little Light of Mine

I started in the field of Media originally wanting to become a TV news anchor. I excitedly enrolled at my chosen University and had my Broadcasting major picked from day one. I was ready. However, during my junior year of college, things changed. As I got more involved in news broadcasting, I realized something -- I just didn’t want to continue in news reporting. The news stories that made headlines were too somber for my jovial spirit. I felt heavy. It was always something bad or scary making headlines and I couldn't fathom having to 'report' over those types of things on a daily basis. So I stopped pursuing news broadcasting.

Shifting To The Left

I still had a passion for Media but I also loved Entertainment (yes, I think I’m funny too). I naturally stayed in the loop with the world of pop culture because, well, I like it!  On top of all of that, I began to become more interested in a lot of Christian music artists that had a sound and style that was totally fresh and out-the-box.

Not long after these transitions were happening, I was approached by a guy who owned a Christian-based media company. He had an idea for me to be the host of a local TV show that focused on interviewing new and established Christian artists! Suddenly, the perfect job became a realization for me as an Entertainment Journalist. I landed my first paid contract and I was still in college (take THAT Ramen noodles!). I traveled locally and across the U.S. to interview local and national gospel artists. I met sooooo many people and gained so much experience. I loved it! It fit my motto perfectly: “A love for Music. A passion for Media. A heart for Ministry: Music, Media, Ministry = Monique!”  The show aired on a local channel for almost a year.

'New Flavor in Ya Ear'

After the show went off air, I continued in my passion for Media, this time over the radio airwaves for 90.1 KKFI, 107.9 The Fountain, and presently Praise 95.3 FM. I have to tell you that even though I was moving and shaking in my growing profession, many life lessons accompanied these transitions. I've been on the verge of quitting, battling frustrations and feelings of unfairness. I questioned God's plan and the people in it. But I knew I had to humble myself and stay the course in order to fulfill my purpose.

As I continued in radio, I picked up emceeing along the way having had the privilege to host many, many events ranging from concerts to fashion shows, to fundraisers - you name it! I’ve worked the red carpet and press room at national award shows. My work paved the way for me to grace the cover of TWELVE magazine. I’ve met and interviewed some of my favorite celebrities. And the best part is I still get to do these things!

Forward March

Now, I have expanded and packaged my expertise by providing training products that help media personalities and podcasters level-up their skills. Here is the truth: the on-line world is spilling over with those who’ve decided to just start a podcast or do a livestream show. I help the ones that want to grow in their expertise. The ones that want to be excellent and not just average.  And I'll continue to fuel what was once a 'little light' into a blaze that sets a path for others.


If you are one of those people who desire to grow your audience and make a bigger impact as a media personality, I have free resource for you here. Let’s stay connected. I’d love to help you on your journey. 

- Monique Shurray

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