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And you know this! Because of that, it makes getting the visibility you need for your a business, a challenge. Here's the truth: You need to get in front of the right people - your dream clients - in order to grow. You’ve been posting on social media but despite your best efforts, your business growth has been so-so, and you're feeling frustrated on what to do about it.

Sounds like you?

Well here is the solution: by being a guest expert on other respected media platforms, you'll get the visibility you need and open doors to a whole new world of potential clients. And I'm ready to help you do that.

If you have an interest in learning what it takes to get more Media Visibility plus some easy-to-follow steps to get there, The Media Visibility Bundle is for you.

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  • Who the Media is searching for
  • 5 Ways to Get More Media Visibility
  • 3 Hot Ideas to Pitch (rinse & repeat!)
  • How to Best Prepare for Your Media Appearances  ($597 value)

✅ Podcast Pitch List

We've done the work for you! Get this comprehensive list of 21 top-notch media outlets ready for your next pitch! Contact info included 😉 ($197 value)

Pitch Templates 

Simplify your pitch with these handy templates. Know exactly what to say when you shoot your shot! ($97 value)

Media Pitch Tracker

Stay on top of your Media game with this Media visibility pitch tracker ($97 value)

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"I landed my first PAID speaking engagement"

Monique coached me one-on-one to help me prepare for a MAJOR event in my industry. As a result of her coaching, I felt more at ease on camera and during my panel talk along side other experts. Well after the event, I was offered my first PAID speaking engagement! 


"I'm showing up boldly on camera!"

Going through Monique’s trainings have transformed my life. I now possess all the knowledge I need to start. And I also developed the confidence to show up boldly on camera!”



Hi, I’m Monique Shurray, a Media Personality, Author & Media Coach.

I help entrepreneurs master their on-camera confidence and video presence. I’ve been a Media Personality for over 15 years and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing many entrepreneurs for television, radio and online media platforms.

When I started coaching 5 years ago, one thing that contributed to my business growth was leveraging opportunities to be interviewed as a guest on other Media platforms. I struggled a bit before that to grow my business. I wasted money on ads because I really wasn’t clear on my messaging. The disappointment left me feeling discouraged. But once I started getting on other Media platforms (and got clearer on my messaging), I started getting new clients, building my own community, and getting requests to be featured as a guest on a variety of Media platforms over and over again. It snowballed!

And this growth happened not just because of more Media visibility but because I was Prepared, Positioned and Profitable leveraging those Media opportunities.

And this is exactly what I want for you.

"My online engagement has increased by 60%"

Since working with Monique I've launched a challenge and a course. My online engagement has increased by 60%. Monique is the best coach & mentor I’ve ever had. Hands down!


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