IMPACT! Keys to Amplifying Your Author Journey

IMPACT is a collection of life experiences shared by seven ambitious women with one commonality… We are Authors! All of us began our writing journey with one goal in mind – to make an IMPACT in the lives of those divinely connected to us and this book is yet another attempt to fulfill that mission.

Whether you have struggled with building your confidence, overcoming grief, getting a divorce, or finding the courage to use your voice through the power of the pen; the experiences shared will give you hope, empower you to persevere in your process, and help you build your muscle of resilience in life and business.

So, whether you need some inspiration, motivation, or a good laugh there is something here for you. After digesting the tips we share, we pray you give yourself the grace to grow so you too can IMPACT those divinely connected to you.

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Meet Monique

As the daughter of a Fashion Design entrepreneur & instructor Mom and a Radio Personality & voice over actor Dad, Monique inherited the best of both worlds - a passion for Media and a drive for entrepreneurship. 

Monique Shurray is a Media Coach and Video Marketing Strategist who helps coaches and service based professionals master their video on-camera presence and video marketing strategy so they increase their impact and income through the power of video.

She believes entrepreneurs have a voice and a message and that they are able to develop the skills to flourish on any Media platform.

Monique has written music, poetry, plays and short films.

IMPACT is her first nationally published book.