4 Ways to Avoid Being Average

We've always heard the motto practice makes perfect. And while that stands true for anything a person wants to achieve, there are a few more mantras to adopt. Here are 4 Ways to Avoid Being Average:
1. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone When was the last time you did something you don't normally do to enhance your business or personal development? It could be going to a networking event. It could be speaking to new people about your business or aspirations. It could be attending a class that will give you more insight in your area of expertise. A little scared, huh? Well, don't let that stop you. Sometimes you have to do it afraid. You aren't alone. A lot of people feel a bit nervous doing something new but no one ever elevates staying where they are. Find a new normal outside your comfort zone.
2. Ask for Help In our pride we like to believe we know it all but the truth is, we don't. No one does. There are people willing to help you. There are resources available to you but you must ask, seek, and/or pursue. This is why mentoring and collaborating are powerful. It's okay to need help. It doesn't diminish your abilities, it has the potential to enhance them.
3. Sow, then Reap Do you ever notice whenever there is a new restaurant or retail store opening in your area, they send out coupons for a free meal or discounts at the grand opening? This is great for marketing yes, but there is another method at work too: Giving.  You have to first invest in yourself and in others. This is a universal principle that you should also apply to your business. Do you know what happens with the majority of people who decide to try the new restaurant or retail store offer? Given their experience was superb, they'll come back without or without a discount next time. It pays to give. Think about that.
4. Commitment & Consistency Are you putting in the work that it takes to be above average? It takes a good amount of commitment. Time becomes very precious when you are aiming to be above average. For some people, late nights and early mornings are all they know. However, on the other side of the hard work, is professionalism and excellence. If these qualities are what you want to be known for, then sacrificing now will be worth it in the long run. The bottom line is: practice and dedicates the time it takes to "be so good, they can't ignore you." 

All the best

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