How To Be A Good Emcee: What You Must Know Before You Go

So you've been tapped to emcee an event. First of all, cheers to you! I always think it is an honor to be able to be in the position of the emcee. It is definitely more than just standing up and talking into a microphone. The role of an emcee is an important one. So whether you are just starting out or have done this a time or two, here are some helpful tips for your next gig.


1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is very important because it dictates the tone you set for the event. For example, the atmosphere you set for a women’s empowerment conference could be different from an annual gala or fundraiser. The audience for a popular music concert will have different expectations than an annual block party for the community. Your content as an emcee will be different from one event to another so you have to know your audience and know how to cater specifically to them.


2. Rehearse Scripts Beforehand

Please don’t ever, ever, ever...

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