5 Surprising Gospel-Mainstream Collabs You Never Imagined

If you haven’t noticed by now, there is a new wave of change happening in the world of Gospel Music. The dividing line that keeps the ‘secular folks’ on one side and the gospel folks on another has started to fade. Music lovers and artists alike, who don’t mind the intermingling, are dabbing in chorus with this new thing. Others, ehhh, not so much. Arguments on both sides go something like this:

pro: we (gospel artists) are being a light in a dark place. We’ll expand our reach for Jesus!

no: Lucifer was like the MD in heaven and got kicked out. His influence is all over mainstream music. Don’t have any parts of that!


Whatever side you find yourself on, just know this: the tides are a-turnin’.  Now while I, myself can understand the sincere purpose of why a Christian artist would collaborate with a mainstream artist, I have to admit, a few of these collabs had me raising my penciled-in eyebrows. Not because I think...

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