4 Ways to Avoid Being Average

We've always heard the motto practice makes perfect. And while that stands true for anything a person wants to achieve, there are a few more mantras to adopt. Here are 4 Ways to Avoid Being Average:
1. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone When was the last time you did something you don't normally do to enhance your business or personal development? It could be going to a networking event. It could be speaking to new people about your business or aspirations. It could be attending a class that will give you more insight in your area of expertise. A little scared, huh? Well, don't let that stop you. Sometimes you have to do it afraid. You aren't alone. A lot of people feel a bit nervous doing something new but no one ever elevates staying where they are. Find a new normal outside your comfort zone.
2. Ask for Help In our pride we like to believe we know it all but the truth is, we don't. No one does. There are people willing to help you....
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Behind the Lens: 5 Christian Execs Influencing Mainstream TV & Film

There is a new wave of faith-based television and films surfacing on a mainstream level and guess who is ecstatic about these developments? Well, yes, moi of course, but not just me. There are many others who’ve been looking for new content that feeds their faith in a fresh, contemporary way without compromising quality. For so long the packaging of our faith-based movies and TV shows were uhhh…average at best. Though the messages were solid, the methods left much to be desired. However, we’ve witnessed a huge surge in quality content in the last few years causing television watchers and moviegoers around the world to take note. What we’ve seen and experienced is the type of content that entertains our souls but carries a strong message to our spirits.
While I can list a few of those movies and TV shows, I thought it better to shine a light the executives behind the lens. These are the movers and shakers you may not know (yet) but are advocating,...
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