ON-AIR: 3 Tips for Aspiring Radio Personalities


1. Prep 
Content, content, content. Content is everything. You MUST prepare before going on-air. Your content will vary based on the type of show you have (sports, news, entertainment) but prep is a must. There are many sources available for you to gather content and eventually you can become your own source of original content but you must keep an on-going pulse on topics related to your type of radio show. Believe me, 30 seconds on live radio feels like an eternity when you have nothing more to say so you definitely need to prepare and have enough content for your segments.
2. Engage
While you’re on-air, it’s vital to engage with your audience and thankfully, social media has given us many more ways to do so: send tweets, post messages, request comments, pose questions, receive text messages or take callers. The key is to make it personal. And since most people just love giving their opinion, you are bound to get some responses,...
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Behind the Lens: 5 Christian Execs Influencing Mainstream TV & Film

There is a new wave of faith-based television and films surfacing on a mainstream level and guess who is ecstatic about these developments? Well, yes, moi of course, but not just me. There are many others who’ve been looking for new content that feeds their faith in a fresh, contemporary way without compromising quality. For so long the packaging of our faith-based movies and TV shows were uhhh…average at best. Though the messages were solid, the methods left much to be desired. However, we’ve witnessed a huge surge in quality content in the last few years causing television watchers and moviegoers around the world to take note. What we’ve seen and experienced is the type of content that entertains our souls but carries a strong message to our spirits.
While I can list a few of those movies and TV shows, I thought it better to shine a light the executives behind the lens. These are the movers and shakers you may not know (yet) but are advocating,...
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5 Tips To Slay Your Next Media Interview

So you booked an interview on a podcast, radio show, or even YouTube channel to talk up your expertise and promote your brand or product. *cue confetti* Interviews are a must for anyone who wants to expand their audience and increase visibility. If done right, the avenue in which the interview is conducted and the interviewee can both benefit from the exchange resulting in a win-win scenario.
However, in my years of conducting interviews from celebrities to politicians, to entrepreneurs, music artists and so on, I've encountered some less-than-desirable dialogues. Some of which, with a few pointers, could have drastically heightened the overall experience and desired results. So from my real life experiences, I elected to share some first hand knowledge on how to slay on-air interviews. Whether it's for a new product, service, or sale, I got you. Read on and handle your next interview like the...
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