6 Tips To Conduct Great Podcast Interviews

Podcast interviews are a great way to grow your audience, switch up from the norm, and provide value to your listeners. It’s a win-win-win situation. However, interviewing is so much more than pressing record and asking a bunch of random questions. Oh no! There is a purpose and there is a skill to this thing, all within your reach. Here are 6 tips to make your podcast interviews pop!


6. Audience

Before you even invite a guest on your show, you have to consider your listeners. Why? Well because your listeners are the ones who will be downloading, streaming and hopefully, sharing and telling their friends how awesome your podcast episodes are. They are attracted to your content and your style of delivery. So you always want to keep them in mind.

Ask yourself, how can your audience benefit from this potential guest you are considering? Better yet, what do they want to know about this topic or this person you are planning to interview? (A good way to find out is to...

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