Stellar Awards Weekend Recap: 3 Things I Learned

The Stellar Awards is one of my absolute faaaaavorite award show weekends. Full of events, music showcases, networking, and spiritual enrichment. It was thrilling to interview some of Gospel Music's most notable celebrities and public figures. They really showed up! I'm always honored and humbled to be apart of this industry and this winning weekend was no different.
The abundance of events kicked off Thursday and lasted to Sunday in Las Vegas. Most of the "Stellar sanctioned" events were held at The Orleans Arena. (Though they are many, many other events that take place that aren't necessarily sanctioned by the Stellars, but very good to attend nonetheless.) I went along with some of the other radio personalities at Praise 95.3.
L to R: Monique Shurray, Nate Salary, Paula Renee'. (Missing: Devon "Chev Dev" Price and Tami Price)
However, while enjoying the late night bowling concert,...
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