6 Tips To Conduct Great Podcast Interviews

Podcast interviews are a great way to grow your audience, switch up from the norm, and provide value to your listeners. It’s a win-win-win situation. However, interviewing is so much more than pressing record and asking a bunch of random questions. Oh no! There is a purpose and there is a skill to this thing, all within your reach. Here are 6 tips to make your podcast interviews pop!


6. Audience

Before you even invite a guest on your show, you have to consider your listeners. Why? Well because your listeners are the ones who will be downloading, streaming and hopefully, sharing and telling their friends how awesome your podcast episodes are. They are attracted to your content and your style of delivery. So you always want to keep them in mind.

Ask yourself, how can your audience benefit from this potential guest you are considering? Better yet, what do they want to know about this topic or this person you are planning to interview? (A good way to find out is to...

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4 Ways to Avoid Being Average

We've always heard the motto practice makes perfect. And while that stands true for anything a person wants to achieve, there are a few more mantras to adopt. Here are 4 Ways to Avoid Being Average:
1. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone When was the last time you did something you don't normally do to enhance your business or personal development? It could be going to a networking event. It could be speaking to new people about your business or aspirations. It could be attending a class that will give you more insight in your area of expertise. A little scared, huh? Well, don't let that stop you. Sometimes you have to do it afraid. You aren't alone. A lot of people feel a bit nervous doing something new but no one ever elevates staying where they are. Find a new normal outside your comfort zone.
2. Ask for Help In our pride we like to believe we know it all but the truth is, we don't. No one does. There are people willing to help you....
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5 Tips To Slay Your Next Media Interview

So you booked an interview on a podcast, radio show, or even YouTube channel to talk up your expertise and promote your brand or product. *cue confetti* Interviews are a must for anyone who wants to expand their audience and increase visibility. If done right, the avenue in which the interview is conducted and the interviewee can both benefit from the exchange resulting in a win-win scenario.
However, in my years of conducting interviews from celebrities to politicians, to entrepreneurs, music artists and so on, I've encountered some less-than-desirable dialogues. Some of which, with a few pointers, could have drastically heightened the overall experience and desired results. So from my real life experiences, I elected to share some first hand knowledge on how to slay on-air interviews. Whether it's for a new product, service, or sale, I got you. Read on and handle your next interview like the...
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