5 Tips To Slay Your Next Media Interview

So you booked an interview on a podcast, radio show, or even YouTube channel to talk up your expertise and promote your brand or product. *cue confetti* Interviews are a must for anyone who wants to expand their audience and increase visibility. If done right, the avenue in which the interview is conducted and the interviewee can both benefit from the exchange resulting in a win-win scenario.
However, in my years of conducting interviews from celebrities to politicians, to entrepreneurs, music artists and so on, I've encountered some less-than-desirable dialogues. Some of which, with a few pointers, could have drastically heightened the overall experience and desired results. So from my real life experiences, I elected to share some first hand knowledge on how to slay on-air interviews. Whether it's for a new product, service, or sale, I got you. Read on and handle your next interview like the professionAL you are. Slay honey!
1. Be Prepared to TALK. Duhhhh, right??? Wrong. You'd be surprised how many people have very little words during their interview.  Could it be nerves trying to take over? Well do something beforehand to let out all of that nervous energy: jumping jacks, cartwheels, karaoke - whatever. Now is not the time to go mute! And don't worry about talking TOO much. A good interviewer will know when and how to interject if necessary.
2. Break Out Your Easter Outfit. Okay well maybe not that outfit. But please come dressed like you meant to wear that sweater or those shoes, especially if viewers will be watching your interview via television or internet. This applies to radio interviews and (some) podcasts as well. It doesn't matter that you are behind a microphone and not in front of a camera. We take photos, we stream live, we film right there at the station. Additionally, you never know who may want to meet with you while you are there. Don't skimp on your appearance - ever.
3. Spill the Tea. If you are a fitness guru with a breakout diet plan or a life coach who speaks for a living, be prepared to give some advice to others who need help with a specific issue relating to your field. Debunking myths and giving top tips works wonders during interviews. Doing this establishes trust and credibility in you and in your brand. You may even gain some loyal customers as a bonus. 
4. A Call to Action. So after you've talked your talk and convinced us on why you are the perfect Subject Matter Expert on *said* topic. Then what? Don't just ask listeners to 'follow you on Social Media.' I mean, that's all well and good but if your goal is to obtain new customers or coaching clients, your Call to Action (CTA) has to be a bit more compelling. How about telling listeners to subscribe to your website to receive 20% off their first purchase of your new eyewear collection. Or telling listeners about your free e-book they'll receive once they join your membership. Plainly put, a Call to Action is a MUST. Make yours a good one. 
5. Fulfill Your Objective.  How many times have you witnessed interviewers go off a tangent to talk about things not pertaining to the intended purpose of the interview? This happens a lot with mainstream celebrities. An interview to promote a new movie or TV show somehow turns into baiting the celebrity for a reaction on the latest juicy headlined scandal. You can't let that happen. If the interview starts getting derailed, you have to redirect it. After all, this is your 15 minutes of fame. Make it count for you. 
Was this helpful? What are some of the things you've learned interviewing people or being interviewed by others?

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