Stellar Awards Weekend Recap: 3 Things I Learned

The Stellar Awards is one of my absolute faaaaavorite award show weekends. Full of events, music showcases, networking, and spiritual enrichment. It was thrilling to interview some of Gospel Music's most notable celebrities and public figures. They really showed up! I'm always honored and humbled to be apart of this industry and this winning weekend was no different.
The abundance of events kicked off Thursday and lasted to Sunday in Las Vegas. Most of the "Stellar sanctioned" events were held at The Orleans Arena. (Though they are many, many other events that take place that aren't necessarily sanctioned by the Stellars, but very good to attend nonetheless.) I went along with some of the other radio personalities at Praise 95.3.
L to R: Monique Shurray, Nate Salary, Paula Renee'. (Missing: Devon "Chev Dev" Price and Tami Price)
However, while enjoying the late night bowling concert, taking photos with my favorite artists, and preparing to interview celebrities, there are 3 important things that I picked up in the midst of the all the excitement.
1. Remain Grateful Tamela Mann won BIG at the Stellars, I mean 5 awards to be exact, including the Albertina Walker Female Vocalist of the Year. However, despite the fanfare and frenzy, the God Provides singer tearfully accepted her trophy with a heart of full gratitude. Maybe that's why her blessings keep on stacking: she has an attitude of gratitude. 
David & Tamela Mann at the Stellar Awards
David & Tamela Mann, Kirk Franklin, Steven L. Jones SMLXL
L to R: David Mann, Tamela Mann, Kirk Franklin, Steven L. Jones at the Hollywood Confidential panel in Las Vegas
3. Timing is Everything Erica Campbell also spoke at the Hollywood Confidential panel and she had a lot to say! However, one of the main points she expressed was that as artists, a strategy and timing is everything. She'd been singing since the age of 5 but recorded her first album at 28! She'd sang background for other artists, been in stage plays where she was told she wasn't good enough, had been told "no" on several occasions yet she now stands as an award winning singer, an actress, and has a syndicated morning show named after her. She even hosted this year's award show alongside Anthony Brown. You Go girl!!  It pays to be patient!
 Erica Campbell & Anthony Brown hosting the 2017 Stellar Awards in Las Vegas
And one more thing...
Okay so I just HAD to bring this to your attention! I picked out my dress for the awards thinking 'oh this is cuuuute.' I'm not a big fan of lace but I loved this dress. Well, come to find out, it was confirmed (by me of course) that I have good taste! I know you knew that already but hey, I'm just putting it out there : ). I say this because of these beautiful women who also wore lace and black to the awards! Check out Goo Goo Atkins and Adrienne Eliza Houghton. Don't they look fabulous?!
GooGoo Atkins SMXLL
GooGoo Atkins at the 2017 Stellar Awards in Las Vegas 
Adrienne & Israel Houghton SMXLL
 Adrienne Eliza Houghton and Israel Houghton at the 2017 Stellar Awards in Las Vegas
I'm right there with you gals!!....
Monique Shurray on red carpet at The Stellar Awards SMXLL
 Close enough!!! 
All in all, I loved every minute of working the Stellar Awards and learned some things along with way. #winning! Until next time...


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